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Where To Run When Motivation Stops?

  Have you ever found yourself in a place where nothing can make you move? A state where not acting, not thinking and not breathing seem to be perpetual. There are such moments, and it seems to me that they always happen when I need them the least and must act fast.  At these times, […]

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Language Of The Internet

  When you put some thought into it, language of the Internet has some quite interesting aspects. The focus of communication is not only centred around the technical aspect but on new communication situations which are emerging every day along with new language verities and somewhat of new rules. First of all, what can be […]

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What Do We Usually Misuse and Misspell?

My English teacher once told me that everybody has a word that annoys them, a word whose meaning they keep forgetting or a word whose spelling they just aren’t able to learn. My thoughts on this were “That’s impossible! Once you know what your mistake is you can correct it and never make it again.”  […]

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