The Kinda New Kid on The Block: The Brand Film

The Kinda New Kid on The Block: The Brand Film

No art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls – Ingmar Bergman

Not so long ago, I watched a film promoting the sales of Bentley barber chairs. Amused, impressed and very inspired, I started looking deeper into this relatively new phenomenon that is the ‘Brand Film’.

Very quickly it hit me that it should have hit me sooner.

It’s quite simple, people love Film, and many businesses have realized that this medium can very effectively be incorporated into their marketing strategy.

The brand film offers the artist a platform to showcase his/her talent, and the brand a new innovative way to promote themselves to an audience always hungry for change and creativity. As such, it is a collaboration strongly benefiting both parties.

The Fashion Film isn’t all that new, almost every designer has one if not several, as it has proved to be a perfect way for them to bring their designs to life. The clothes are no longer just clothes, it is almost as though the Fashion Film managed to disturb the materialistic, shallow prejudices that surround that particular industry, giving us an insight into the designers world, their dreams, their thoughts, their passions and sometimes even their struggles. Working closely with the director of the Film means that he/she too brings their experience and vision to the screen, making it often a very powerful blend of two creative minds.  

The Brand Film has also proven to work effectively for the ‘advertisement’ of motor brands. A very inspiring example of one such Film can be seen at Leap Films under Untitled Motorcycles, strongly influenced by photographer Bruce Davidson and filmmaker Fellini. Think Bond films, think Easy Rider, Bonnie and Clyde and The Italian Job to name just a few…machines have always managed to contribute to the magic that is Film.

The liquor industry has reacted to this new platform and even some technology-based brands have managed to work it adequately into their marketing.We have seen brand placement within Film, Apple products in Bond Films, certain Gents drinking certain liquors, even Jim Jarmusch had his vampires talking on iPhones, but this is not what the Brand Film is about. It is not imposing a brand or trying to seep it into your subconscious, but rather introduce it to you in a new light, help you understand where it comes from, who it comes from and find ways for you to relate to it and the people behind it.

The beauty of Film in this instance is that it personalizes the product. It helps the audience and the consumer engage and connect emotionally to the brand. Additionally, it says a lot about the company, what they believe in and what it is they represent. It also gives the artist a chance to exhibit his/her gift. We see the inspiration behind their work, and come to understand the artist and the company at a more personal level. Film has no limits, knows of no rules, and helps people to relate to one another. It will no doubt find success in this niche.

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I am a Serbian British citizen with a filmmaking degree, who writes songs and can make a shoe out of cardboard and marbles. Isn't that weird...